The world of cooling towers

From 1979, Thai Cooling Tower has delivered excellence cooling towers that are designed and built to work for many years. Thai cooling tower design and construction techniques follow the same strict principles as the CIT, where the construction, complexity and the design and installation of the system call for much higher expertise and experience.

Strong teamwork

skilful & experienced in cooling system

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All parts are stored for prompt service.

Thai products

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Thai Cooling Tower has a rich history and experience in cooling tower manufacture. We continuously do research and develop of our products. Thai Cooling Tower own patents in eliminator blades and hi-effective capacity heat exchange filler. Our products are supplied not only in Thailand but also worldwide. We are the member of cooling technology institute (CTI) and our designs are in accordance with CTI.

Our goal

is to provide you with high quality cooling tower in a variety of types as followings. Now we can produce cooling tower with capacity from 3 RT – 6,000 RT. Find out more.

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Research & Development


Thai Cooling Tower owns a patent in high efficient eliminator.

Thai Cooling Tower owns a patent in high performance cross flow filler.

gear drive

Thai Cooling Tower is a leader in producing and using gear drive of cooling tower fan drive unit in Thailand. We always use gear drive since the establishment of the company. Now we can design and produce gear drive for cooling tower 5HP-40HP (Service factor 2).

Training & Academic support

Thai Cooling Tower always support academic institutes in researches about cooling tower such as Chulalongkorn University, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Kasetsart University, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok, Rajabhat University etc

Thai Cooling Tower also provides technical support for both private and public sectors.

Unique Designed

Counter flow configuration

Our cooling towers are counter flow with a partition wall to balance the incoming air flow.

CTI & HT Textbook: Counter Flow is more efficient than Cross Flow under the same design conditions.

Pressure-swirl nozzle in upward spray

The nozzle convert pressure into kinetic energy with no moving or rotating parts.

It is a self-cleaning process and no accumulation of particles at inside walls.

Inertial Mass System

Our design of inertia mass system can cut excessive unbalance/vibration to a cooling tower structure.

All moving parts are on an isolated floor supported by spring isolators.