Induced draft counter flow cooling tower (splash type filler)

With more than 40 years in manufacturing and design of cooling tower especially in sugar mill plants, we have found that film fill cooling towers are unsuitable for the process side of pulp and paper, sugar mills and refineries. Foreign material in the circulating water is the principal cause to justify the use of a splash fill. With such water, film fill cooling tower should be avoided since there is clogged at the fill material. This is due to the form of slime originated from bacterial with air (O2), moisture, suitable temperature and food (sugar). It grows at fill and prevents water to flow freely.

Feature of Design

no air blocked and water clogged in the fill

Our specialty design and arrangement splash fill ensures no air blocked and water clogged in the fill.

Trouble free with chemical substances

There is no need to use chemical or any additive substances in your water to eliminate slime at the fill.

Low water loss

Low working pressure at the nozzle with no moving parts means trouble free of years operation. Low water drift low with the help of Thai Cooling Tower patented eliminator.

Common basin

Common basin is the Thai Cooling Tower designed that not only eliminates equalizer piping but also easily level water in each cell.


Thai Cooling Tower use gearbox speed reducer, all gears and roller bearing are lubricated in oil. Give a longer servicing time compared to belt drive.


Designs, Innovations, Concepts

TSM Model concept requires relative little maintenance and relatively little attention in most normal operating conditions. It is found in use in cooling tower for sugar mills, power stations, chemical process, pulp and paper applications, etc. The splash fill is made of PVC formed in shape, resulting in performance improvements. The fill holder grid is made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. The water inlet temperature can be up to 60 C with working life over 15 years.