Induced draft cross flow cooling tower (film type filler)

The cross flow design (TCC) features an integrated fan cylinder and distribution basin on the top and a single piece collection basin on the bottom. This open loop cooling tower system provides for good heat transfer and stable plant operation for each application. Our towers are factory-fabricated, field-erected, FRP (fiber-reinforced-polyester) constructed, PVC film-filled, induced-draft cross flow type, industrial duty, and non-corroding towers. Our patent drift eliminators achieve the low drift rates with a minimum obstruction to airflow. TCC Series is available in a wide range of capacities.

Feature of Design

Space saving and lightweight

Installation space and operation weight are greatly reduced compare to the conventional type cooling towers. Square shaped need no space between the cells in case of multi-cell installation.

Energy & Water save

The lower pressure loss packing, fan speed gear reducer, bigger fan diameter and energy recovering design bell mount fan stack give better energy save.
Our special design eliminator is formed in one piece from top to bottom. This means that more efficiently eliminate water drift loss than conventional one that fixed together with fill packing.

Corrosion resistance Leak proof and keep surrounding dry

F.R.P. casing and all steel components are hot dipped galvanized steel give good corrosion resistance. Our design of common basin in the case of multi-cell installation not only eliminates equalizer piping but also easily level water in each cell.
Concrete suction tank and F.R.P. cooled water basin together lined with F.R.P. to make sure for water leak protection and maintain dry surrounding area.



Thai Cooling Tower use gearbox speed reducer, all gears and roller bearing are lubricated in oil. Give a longer servicing time compared to belt drive.